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Buying or Selling? Get the most out of your property transaction.
Let the housePro Personal Property Expert be your professional guide.


buying a house?

So you have found the house you want to buy. Congratulations!

  1. Call housePro to make an appointment with your Personal Property Expert.
  2. Complete the Client Information form we send you and register with housePro.
  3. Now you can login to housePro, and pay your $595 one-off fee.
  4. Meet your Personal Property Expert at the property for a guide through together.
  5. Receive your written Property Analysis Report. and discuss the details with Mark by phone.
  6. Decide to buy? Receive Unlimited Phone Support for your property purchase, including tips on dealing with real estate agents, negotiating, how to bid at an auction and Professional Referrals

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the housePro advantage

Buying or Selling a Property?

We are Local Independent Property Experts that provide you with tools and knowledge for a successful property transaction. We have and share the know-how the other professionals never will. Our fees are small and can even come at No Charge to you*. With 25 years of local North Shore knowledge in the property and construction market, housePro is the first call you make.
Don’t you want to try for the best outcome for you and your family?

  1. The BUY housePro Advantage package
  2. The SELL housePro Advantage package

*conditions apply

selling a house?

Talk to the Property Experts

With so many real-estate agents and decisions to make, we’ll help you find the right one to sell your property and provide a step by step guide to the processes of selling.

Why us? housePro

  1. Are your own Independent Personal Property Experts
  2. Help you decide to sell, renovate or detonate
  3. Provide a Property Price Guide of your property* optional extra
  4. Estimate renovation or new build costing* optional extra
  5. Help you choose the best agent
  6. Provide Step by Step information
  7. Supply Unlimited Phone Support, and
  8. Professional Referrals
  9. Call us now and find out how how our services can be NO CHARGE* to you!

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*conditions apply


At housePro, we have the knowledge and skill to provide you with the best property insight. Mark and the team are your guide to a successful property purchase.

Mark Newell

For the past 25 years, Mark Newell has serviced the building and property industry. Mark is a recognised authority in both building and property acquisitions. He has been awarded praise for his building
design and property intellect.

See for yourself why Mark is considered an expert in Sydney’s property market and visit Newell Homes.

More about Mark >

Money Back Guarantee

At housePro we promise an honest upfront service.
If you are not satisfied with our service we will give you your money back.
We promise prompt reliable and professional service with your local Personal Property Expert.
Property Fee




Unit 2, 19-23 Bridge Street Pymble NSW, Australia 2073

Phone: 0418 117 740

ABN: 98096313245

Current Builders Licence: 181853C

Corporation Property Real-estate License Number: 10031977