The Sydney Upper North Shore Property Market

The Sydney Upper North Shore Property Market is a stable, blue chip, value style real-estate property market. Home prices average at $1.424m.

In my opinion, it is the most prestigious family based real-estate market in Sydney and possibly the country. The Municipality of Ku-ring-gai encompasses the Upper North Shore and this includes suburbs from Roseville, north through to Wahroonga.

I like to call Sydney’s Upper North Shore the ‘Nursery Ground of Sydney’ due to the benefits it has on offer for those who want the best for their family.

Residents enjoy the lowest crime rate in NSW, as reported by BOCSAR. And according to the Bankwest Quality of Life Index, residents in these suburbs have the best quality of life in Australia and the highest broadband connect rates.

The Upper North Shore community assets are massively under utilised and awaiting the generational development potential. These assets include some of Australia’s best private schools, abundant parks, trees, sporting facilities. It has excellent transport to the city and Sydney metropolitan, along with well located shopping precincts awaiting their full development potential. The North Shore rail line (commuter only) is the heart.

Property figures

Distance to the city ranges from 12 to 24km. The Upper North Shore is known for its large land with good proximity to the city. The average middle ring suburbs are around the 600m2, whereas the Upper North Shore average is closer to 1000m2. Housing stock is diverse, and land ranges from the old 1/4 acre block or 929 m2 up to 6070m2 (1.5 acres) in some instances.

Suburb Guide

The suburb of Roseville is the ‘Willoughby’ of the Upper North Shore, (north side of Chatswood).  Compared to Willoughby it has larger houses, land size and less traffic congestion. Roseville has a vintage cinema and the exclusive Roseville College for Girls.

Lindfield is very popular with families who want quick access to the city and Chatswood. It has Newington College (K-6) and the Lindfield Junior Rugby Club is well known.

Killara is the home of the mansions. It’s a quiet place with each property having a large land size, I would say it has some of the best stock of large prestigious family homes in Sydney. It also has one of the top performing public schools in NSW,  Killara High.

Gordon is the geographic centre of the Upper North Shore. It is the location of the
Ku-ring-gai Council Chambers and Ravenswood School for Girls. Unfortunately its shopping area is fractured by the Pacific Highway.

Let’s not forget St Ives, it doesn’t have a railway station, although it has the excellent St Ives Village Shopping Centre. It is the closest suburb to the Northern Beaches and has St Ives North Public with its OC class for bright students, Brigidine College, Sydney Grammar Junior School and Masada College.

Pymble has Pymble Public School, as well as Pymble Ladies College ( PLC) the largest of the private girl’s schools; it is a suburb within its self.

Turramurra (is an Aboriginal word meaning high hill, big hill or high place) 192m above sea level it has highest monthly rainfalls in the Sydney containing beautiful parks and trees.

Warrawee (average price $2.153m according real-estate investor rank 40/1841) is the exclusive part of Turramurra. It has its own rail station and not to mention the Boys School Knox Grammar. 

Wahroonga is the prettiest suburb, a beautiful village, park and prestigious homes with large land size. Wahroonga Public is an outstanding public school. The suburb has been described in the past  as “where sometimes the rich go and live”.

So if you’re a family and want to be safe and educate your kids locally at one of Sydney’s Best Private Schools…..then real estate on Sydney’s Upper North Shore is for you. You will no doubt benefit from the large land size and easy train commute to the CBD.

And just a side note..the place to be is Eastside (actually north) of the rail line.

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