August 22, 2014


Claire Reidy

“Many thanks for all your help as we began our property search in the upper north shore. Your knowledge of the area was extensive and proved so beneficial to us and really gave us insight. The platform you have created is a great resource – it also helps empower you to think more broadly when looking at property and take a more holistic view of whether that property is a good purchase or not based on what your needs are. It also gets you to consider the future of the property and the future of your needs. Through using your platform we made more educated decisions when it came to houses which we viewed and considered purchasing. Your advice around not just buying because you “don’t think there’s anything better or there” really shifted our thinking and stopped us from making a mistake purchase which wasn’t for us! Thank you!!

The platform was helpful but speaking to you and discussing properties as we found them was a bonus. You were so quick to provide land, location and House reports and respond to my queries – I really appreciated it. I think the platform bridges the gap for people between looking themselves and feeling lost and committing a huge sum to a full time buyers agent – having that stepping stone of an in between option was just what we needed to launch into finding our home.

Many thanks!”

Tracy Mighell

“Mark & the housePro team are an invaluable asset when looking for a house. They do the leg work for you & independently appraise the house of your choice. This saves you the leg work & time of doing inspections yourself until they find the house that ticks your boxes.

Would highly recommend them”

Yishu Wang

“We are so grateful to have met Mark and his team, with their help we bought our dream home.

We used a few building inspection services throughout our two year’s property searching, but we still felt lack of confidence when came to make an offer or bidding at an auction. Mark reduced the stress for us and also helped to steer us away from some poor decisions we might otherwise had made and later would regret.

housePro takes a unique approach which is tailored to suit our needs. It provides us specific detailed reports regarding the house details, land ranking in the area and location analysis. More importantly, it could provide us an up-to-date and accurate estimate of the property’s fair market value.

Being an experienced local builder himself, Mark has a keen eye for adding value to the property and also helping us to avoid pitfalls in the potential building work.

His knowledge of the area is first rate. I have no hesitation in recommending housePro, extremely satisfied with the responsiveness and communication of Mark.

Thank you again for your kind help.”

Scott and Sam

As first home buyers we entered the daunting process with next to no idea where to start. We spent some time blindly attending open houses and auctions in a bid to learn what we could, but it wasn’t until we were introduced to Mark that we had any confidence or direction in our quest to purchase a home.

Early on, we found a house that we loved and were very serious about buying. Fortunately, a friend recommended Mark and he came and took us through the property. To say it was an eye-opener is an understatement! He pointed out a series of potential issues that were minor in isolation but added up to some serious future headaches, particularly when viewed through a lens of selling the property down the track. Bullet dodged….

Armed with our new-found knowledge, we found a property and worked closely with Mark throughout what turned out to be a fairly convoluted negotiation phase. We are thrilled with our new home and we can confidently say we wouldn’t be where we are without Mark’s experience, advice and guidance throughout the process.

Meagan and Ian Roberts

Our new home in Artarmon settled today! We won’t be moving for another few weeks, which hopefully will give us some time to get a few things done – painting etc.

I want to say thank you for all your guidance in our house hunting exercise. We found your pragmatic, objective advice extremely helpful. It’s very easy to be influenced by emotions whilst riding the real estate rollercoaster, and your balanced perspectives were invaluable in ensuring we were fully educated at every decision point along the way. You helped us crystallise our “key criteria” and weigh up the various properties against those criteria. Your advice in relation to potential for improvements and indicative costs for those improvements was highly educative, and better equipped us to make our own assessment of the various properties. Importantly, you helped instil in us confidence that the “right house” would be waiting for us, and to not rush into any decisions. We know we will be very happy in our new home.

Justus & Engela Stals

“Your knowledge of the Upper North Shore property market proved to be spot on and the insights and aspects you raised at each of the properties we inspected during the past couple of months made the selection process and final decision so much easier.

Your expert guidance in how to play the auction process and estate agents made it less daunting for us and provided us with enough confidence to successfully secure our new house in Bettowynd Rd. We greatly appreciate your assistance with the inspections and for identifying and providing the aspects of each property we had to consider before making any decisions. All things very practical and issues the normal person does not always consider.

Your professional approach and openness to our requirements made it a fantastic experience and we thank you for that. We will definitely recommend your services to anyone considering buying a house.”

Lesley Jacobson

“A mutual friend put me in touch with Mark when we moved to Sydney. We were new to the country and knew very little about the property market in the Upper North Shore. We started off renting but were keen to buy and this was where Mark was great! I took him to several houses I was interested in buying and he provided great knowledge every time. From fittings to area and pros and cons of each house. He was also spot on in his guess at what the house was worth and would sell for.

I recommended him to 2 of my friends and they too were very happy with the property service he offered.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to offer his feedback when looking for the perfect house!”

Alison Cameron

“We have now unpacked and settled into our new home. We are loving it.

I just wanted to write and thank you so much for helping me find the lovely house that I have purchased. Not only does the house “tick every box”, it cost me $1,000,000 less than I was prepared to pay……

I would recommend your services to anyone looking to purchase on the Upper North Shore.”

Sean Muffet

“Mark’s knowledge and expertise in property was essential when it came for me to buy our house. His second opinion made all the difference!”

Anthony & Gabrielle Aarons

“Mark is a terrific operator. His opinion and support during what was a very stressful time was invaluable and we were so grateful to have such a consummate professional by our side during the purchase of our house.

From the moment he met us at the property right through to the auction itself we had Mark’s guidance and opinion which gave us real confidence. The housePro report was full of useful information and Mark had obviously gone the extra mile to research the property and the surrounding real estate market. During the auction Mark put us at ease and acted as intermediary with the agents whilst explaining the whole process to us. I’ve no doubt his help ensured our success in buying our dream home.

We can’t recommend Mark highly enough and if you’re thinking of buying a home give Mark a call and make sure you get his help from the beginning.

Thanks again!!”

Pepita Buddee

“During the stressful time of simultaneously striving to sell our home at the best price and also locate and secure our new home at the best price, Mark was incredibly helpful.  He provided us with realistic valuations.  He also gave us the confidence to successfully stand firm against our agent to seek a higher sale price.  Mark visited each of the properties we were interested in purchasing.  He was able to walk in, through and around the properties pointing out the important details – not always what we were focused on.  Mark noted what issues could be overlooked and what were stand out issues.  When it came down to “the one” Mark guided us through the bidding process.  As he wasn’t emotionally involved, yet knew the property, he was able to show us what we should come back with as well as when we should pull out.  

Two years later, we couldn’t be happier, not only with what our new home offers, but also now know we bought well.  We definitely would encourage our friends in similar situations to call on Mark.”

Shanee Duveen

“When we started looking into buying a property in Sydney, we felt very overwhelmed.  It was the first home we were buying since emigrating to Australia, and we knew very little of the local property market.  In addition, the buying process was very different to what we had experienced in South Africa.

Marks advice and expertise was extremely valuable.  He accompanied me to view properties and provided insights in terms of location, estimated property value as well as advantages and disadvantages of the houses.  With a background in building, we felt that he could see things that we couldn’t.  In addition he provided guidance in terms of the buying process, as well as the negotiation.

We ended up finding our ideal home and Marks involvement throughout was very much appreciated.  We would definitely recommend him to anyone requiring this sort of assistance.”

Larry & Carolyn van Balkom

“Mark, We are writing to express our sincere gratitude for your assistance in both purchasing our new home and selling our previous home over the past six months.

We never knew there were so many aspects to consider when purchasing a property. From real estate agents, current market value, location, position of the block, renovations and future resell value Mark’s expertise was invaluable. The information that he shared with us helped us to make the right decision both financially and emotionally for our family.

Knowing, in this volatile Sydney market that Mark was at the other end of the phone for professional guidance and support made a world of difference.

We just wish we had known Mark 12 years ago when we were purchasing our first property on the North Shore.

We couldn’t recommend Mark highly enough.”


Tanya Ooi

“We never imagined we would buy a house after only seeing it online … but our confidence in Mark was what allowed us to do just that!

We worked with Mark for about a year and learnt so much from his approach. His knowledge of the north shore, and especially his pragmatic analysis are so valuable when you are buying your family home. Living outside Australia currently meant that housePro was our eyes and ears on the ground throughout our search, and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner. Looking back, we were saved from buying houses that we wouldn’t have been truly happy with. Further to this, his strategies at purchase time allowed us to buy a property at a good price.

Thanks Mark for all your encouragement until our dream home came along!”