Do you want to find your dream home?

housePro is the first online buyers platform

We have created a low-cost, buyer-focused platform with listings and buyers agent services all in one place, which will make finding your dream home a worry of the past.

Our affordability ensures that these services are available to everyone, not just the wealthy.

Like you, we have been busy, and we know finding real estate is time consuming and making the final decision is very emotional.

We will save you time.

We will save you money.

We will make you the most informed buyer by providing you with an independent, non-biased viewpoint of the property you are about to purchase.

Join our platform and tell us what you want, and we will find it for you. We allow you to compare properties through our unique rating and ranking system. We produce land, location and house reports allowing you a better understanding of any property.

All at a fraction of a cost of a traditional buyer’s agent. 

What do we do?

Our Story

We have developed a buyer-focused platform that finds properties, either on or off the market, that are profiled to the buyer’s requirements along with research and analysis to better understand the property.
Our unique software identifies, rates and ranks these features into a score, that along with explanation demonstrates value and insight to the property buyer.
Giving knowledge and confidence, the platform identifies the opportunity and value of any property, giving the property buyer a better chance at long term profit and asset protection. Finding your dream home has never been easier.

Our Services

Location analysis and Reports

Our unique algorithm uses a Google API to analyse services and features within the suburb. Our algorithm then rates and ranks the position. The information is reproduced in a report format for your understanding.

Land and House Reports

For our land and house reports, we get our experts to inspect the properties. After documenting the key features, our software identifies and ranks these into a score, that, along with explanation will demonstrate value and insight to the buyer.


The process is simple: 1. You tell us what you want to buy 2. And we will find it. No more going to anymore unnecessary open inspections, we will do it for you.

Contracts, Pest and Building Reports

Purchase or upload Vendor Contracts and Pest and Building Reports. Our platform allows you to then manage and store these reports in a safe and secure place.